Would that I could clip the wings of time

I totally forgot to post this the other day almost a month ago.  The days are full and long, so how they fly by so fast is a complete mystery to me. Rocking Simone before bedtime tonight, I could hardly believe that she’s the same tiny thing that was once so little I felt like she would slip through my grasp.  The difficulty with holding her now is that she’s so long, and heavy, and before I can start singing to and rocking her, it takes us a good few minutes for us to find a situation that’s comfortable.  This business of growing up is bittersweet.  I love every minute, but ache a bit at the sight of them passing by.

Before any more time goes by; here’s a belated little update on Evelyn.  We’re all so in love with her.  She’s nothing but an absolute delight. It’s a constant joy to discover the person she is, on her own and by our influence.

Most of the time I’ll laugh and splash right along with her until the last drop has drained or whatever water remaining is unbearably tepid.

Sometimes, I’ll prop myself on the (closed) toilet and read my book.

But tonight, this time, I couldn’t resist trying to capture what I love most about this should-be daily ritual.

(*Bath is one of the words she’s picked up in the last few weeks; used about 25 times a day in desperate requests.)